Hindustan Backlite Company is a leading manufacturer & exporter of thermosetting Moulding powder & Resins in the brand name Hibcolite that finds wide application across diverse industries with constant innovation and excellence. We have gained recognition of a reputed enterprises dealing in a wide range of thermosetting moulding powder and Phenol formaldehyde resin.

To be a respected as an ethical and sustainable company and recognized as full fledged thermoset compounds Technology Company of 21st century.

To be a one stop solution for the supplier of P. F. Moulding powder to all sectors of industries by delivering quality product to the satisfaction of customers.

High quality P. F. Moulding powder in attractive colors, Comprehensive technical services, Stable product supply, Prompt product delivery and Dedicated team.

We are market leaders in cooker handle grades P. F. Moulding powder used in cooker and non stick appliances handles, we have got highest mechanical strength and good finishing.


P. F. Moulding Powders

P. F. Moulding powders are used for compression, transfer and injection moulding for forming of thermoset moulded parts, making pressure cooker handles and such other products. We offer high quality of P. F. moulding powders in different colors.

P.F. Resin

P.F.Resin is used in manufacturing of grinding wheel, break liners, abrasives, plywood manufacturing, laminates, ink industries etc.